1. How often can I use UNItears artificial tears?

Our recommendation is to use UNItears artificial tears 1 drop in each eye 2-3 times a day. But if you feel this is not sufficient, you can apply 1-2 drops every hour.

2. How long can I use UNItears artificial tears after opening?

UNItears artificial tears can be used up to 3 months after first opening. Every box of UNItears has a blank space to write the day of opening, so you can keep better track of how long the product lasts. 

3. Is UNItears suitable for person who wears contact lenses?

Yes, since it doesn’t contain preservatives, UNItears is suitable to be used with contact lenses.

4. How do I know do I have evaporative dry eyes or aqueous insufficiency?

The precise diagnostics can be done by an ophthalmology specialist using certain tests like: Tear break-up time test (TBUT), or Schirmer test.
The aqueous insufficiency is more often by older people, people who have Sjögren syndrome, and use certain systemic drugs.  The possible symptoms can be: the feeling of sand in eyes, and also burning and scratching, and symptoms of dry eyes are likely to appear in the evening. If you have this symptoms – UNItears can help you.
By evaporative dry eyes the symptoms occur more often by younger population, especially by ones that spend a lot of time in front of screens and can appear any time during the day. The signs can be: the constant feeling of discomfort and irritations, pain in eyes after watching TV or working on the computer, and sometimes even tear running – which is a consequence of insufficient lipid film. If you have these symptoms, we recommend products like Ocuhyl C or Sensivit – because they act on forming a lipid layer in tear film.

5. Can UNItears be used with other eye drops that I‘m using?

Yes, UNItears can be used with other eye drops, it can be a good additional therapy to anti-glaucoma treatment and can also be applied after ophthalmic surgeries. It is only necessary to wait for at least 5 minutes between 2 administrations of eye drops.

6. Can UNItears be used as artificial tears for dogs?

Yes, UNItears can be used as artificial tears for dogs and other pets, because it is a preservative free eye drops, and are therefore safe for use.

7. I’m in menopause and I feel that my eyes have become very dry. Could I use UNItears?

Dry eyes in menopause, or after menopause occur by more than 7% of woman. Woman in menopause go through lots of hormonal changes that can also have an impact on tear film production, and therefore cause dry eye syndrome. UNItears could be a good dry eyes remedy, because the active ingredients that can help by binding water and making a protective film that prevents tear evaporation, and thus the feeling of dry eyes.